• Lights, Camera, Music…Action!

    This year, we performed at the annual Disney Swan and Dolphin employee holiday event for the 4th time in a row and we could not have been happier with the turnout. We perform for many different types of events throughout the year, but this one in particular takes quite a bit of planning and coordination to pull off successfully. The show itself is a combination of music and video along with an incredible light show and sound that makes the walls shake! The A/V team at the resort handles all of the lights and sound so they get full credit for the stage in all its glory. We are responsible for the music, the equipment to play the music, some on-stage sound , minimal lighting, and loading video footage to the 4 giant screens. It took 4 of us to complete the setup, which took about 5 hours. This is what 5 hours of setup looks like…

    (Left to Right) Three DJ booths and a video mixing booth


    From the opposite end of the room, you could see the stage and the 4 video screens.

    Ballroom panoramic


    We took this opportunity to bring out our 4-color laser to create a “laser sky” effect over the dancefloor and it worked amazingly well.

    Insert Dr. Evil voice, "Lae-zer"
    Insert Dr. Evil voice, “Lae-zer”


    As for the rest of the night, we will let the pictures speak for themselves!


    20151215_210036(0)20151215_211638 20151215_222432  20151215_222023 20151215_222005  20151215_211638 (1)




    On Saturday, November 14, 2015, we had a the privilege of performing for something…a little different. No fancy clubs, no lounges (although adult beverages were served), but it did feel as though we were at a mini music festival. Let’s back up for a minute… A few months ago, we met someone in the music industry who set out on a mission to teach kids about dance music culture through a business venture called Mini House Club (way cooler than Mickey Mouse Club).

    When we met, we talked about her ideas to teach kids about music, DJ culture, etc. and of course, this piqued our interest.

    On Saturday, Mini House Club put together a “kids dance party” complete with a DJ Lab for the kids (compliments of Wilson from the upcoming Vinyl Arts Bar), Glojel (gel-based paint that glows under a blacklight), henna tattoos, spray paint art, kid-yoga, food, drinks, and of course, dance music. We were responsible for playing about 2 hours of dance music that was both kid-friendly (nothing explicit), but also stuck to the theme of electronic dance music.

    At the request of Mini House Club, we recorded the set and posted part 1 of the live recording as a Jailbreak Session that can be heard on the XCON blog! You can expect to hear some classic house music peppered with today’s hits – remixed.

    The event was located at True Serenity and a few pictures have been posted below:


  • Dj XCON of PRO Event DJ has a New Website!

    We are excited to announce our own dj, XCON, has a new website that launched on April 1, 2015. It’s the 3rd or 4th (we’ve lost count) major re-invention of his site and now there is more content than ever! The site caters to the Electronic Dance Music fans and features 8 live recordings of House, Electro, and Breakbeat music. Of course, as one of our own dj’s, there is also content from some of our own events. Be sure to check out the site, and best of all, you can stream or download hours of commercial free dance music!



  • PRO Event…VJ!

    We are very excited to announce that we are officially a DJ and a VJ company! It’s an incredibly interactive experience!

    Remember the days of watching MTV and actually seeing your favorite music videos (ahh the good ol’ days)? Imagine those videos reacting to everything your DJ is doing on stage. Whether the DJ is blending tracks, scratching, creating loops, sampling portions of songs, etc….it can all be represented by the videos themselves- Pull back the record and the video plays in reverse… Blend tracks together and the videos for each track blend together in real time.

    You may have seen this type of effect at major nightclubs, and now we are bringing this technology to our clients. Weddings, corporate events, and even public events will never be the same! We will be piloting this for the first time next week. Check back soon to see us in action!

  • A year in review (2014)…and it’s not over yet!

    With 2014 about to wrap up, we thought it would be fun to post a few pictures of this year’s events. What a great year complete with DJing court-side, a wonderful Gala (Wings of Hope) to help our struggling youth, vendor appreciation, HOSA 2014, late nights mixing records with DJ Lu-S, many beautiful weddings, and the annual Disney Holiday cast event. Thank you to those who have supported us, recommended us, and partied with us this year! It was a great year! Let’s do it all over again in 2015…only bigger and better!

    Court-side Basketball Competition


    Wings of Hope Gala
    Vendor Appreciation (Yes, that is a bar tender hanging from a chandelier)


    HOSA 2014!!
    HOSA 2014!!


    DJ Lu-S (We’ve spent many hours mixing it up with this guy)


    Wedding photo taken at Gallery J
    Wedding photo taken at Paradise Cove


    Paradise Cove, December 2014
    Paradise Cove, 2014


    Disney Holiday Cast Event


    thank you 2
    A thank you note for our services
    thank you
    We are feeling the love!
  • This changes everything!

    Every once in a while, a new piece of DJ equipment is released that really changes the way we interact with music. That is happening right now and we couldn’t be more excited! This controller, the Numark NV, comes out in October and we have it on pre-order!!! The controller itself allows DJs to focus more on the music and crowd and less on the computer screen. With onboard HD color screens and buttons/knobs for just about anything, this is going to change everything. Check it out!

  • Evolution

    PRO Event DJ was established in 2002-2003…but not as PRO Event DJ. Back then we had a different name, one that was intended to provoke a little…We were, and in the background…still are, Provocative Productions, Inc. To many of our long term followers and friends, this will come as no surprise. Our motto was to “Provoke” and stimulate through music and entertainment. While that sat just fine with us, to others it was never so simple. People hear the word provocative and immediately turn it into something it does not have to be. For that reason, we evolved into PRO Event DJ. As with any new identity, we needed a new logo. After two iterations, what you see today is the surviving logo that you can plan on seeing for a long time. So after a decade in business, a name change, and a new identity, we were still the same three guys…friends (and family by now) running the business. We intentionally built this business with the idea that we would keep it small to control quality and build the brand of PRO Event DJ. You cannot do that when you hire 10 DJs who are all different. We had a long term goal of someday expanding the talent…in other words, hiring more DJs. In a town where almost everyone is a DJ, finding someone who is the right fit and carries the same passion that we do is not easy. Actually, when you grow a business over a decade, it’s almost impossible to let someone in…Well, after years and dedication, the time has finally come and we do have a new DJ! That makes 4 and we are ready to take Orlando by storm! Starting Tuesday, December 17th, 2013, the cast members of Disney’s Swan and Dolphin resorts will experience an event to go down in history! All four of us will be there making sure that the light show is spectacular and the dance floor packed! We have been hard at work in the studio preparing for the event…

    One of these images is of Justin, co-founder of PRO Event DJ and the other is our 4th! Can you tell who is who?

    More images to come next week!



  • BASE Camp 2013 Winter Formal

    This weekend, we were honored to be part of the BASE Camp Winter Formal and performed as part of our, “Play it Forward” campaign to help children facing unimaginable circumstances. These kids are some of the most amazing people you will ever meet. Simply put, they are warriors! Fighting cancer and other life threatening illness is incredibly difficult, but with the help of BASE Camp, World Marriott and other vendors, they had their own prom…And they had fun! We had fun.  😮

    One of the most touching moments of the night was when one of the kids joined us on stage…

    IMG958943 IMG958951 IMG958931

    For more information about how you too can help, please visit: http://basecamp.org/


  • Christmas Remixed and Regrooved

    It’s almost that time of year where people gather round the fireplace, sing Christmas carols, and bundle up in their wintertime wardrobe….unless of course, you are in Florida where there is a fairly good chance you can spend your Christmas wearing flip flops and socks (Kidding, we would never!). During this time of year, we often find ourselves performing for corporate holiday events. As you may recall, last year we performed at the Winter Wonderland for Disney’s Swan and Dolphin cast members. This year, we have been invited back (Woohoo!) to the cast member event and you better believe we will be making a list and checking it twice to ensure that this year’s performance is even better!

    It’s sometimes hard to deviate from the holiday classics….they are tried and true. And…people expect to hear them year after year. While we honor requests and spin through the classics, we also like to throw in something fresh… something exciting…something that reminds us of the classics but with a new and interesting groove. In the words (and voice) of Missy Elliott, “Reeeeeeemix!” This season, we are scouring the web to find new and exciting holiday music to add to our collection. As we gear up for the season with some funky new holiday tunes, you may want to check out one of our favorite holiday remix collections.


    1              Andy Williams – It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year (A Shrift Mix)
    2              Bing Crosby – Happy Holidays (Beef Wellington Remix)
    3              Dean Martin – Jingle Bells (Dan The Automator Remix)
    4              Kay Starr – I’ve Got My Love To Keep Me Warm (Stuhr Remix)
    5              Cathedral Brass, The – Joy To The World (Mocean Worker Remix)
    6              Johnny Mercer – Winter Wonderland (Rise Ashen’s Brazilian Beach Mix)
    7              Charles Brown – Merry Christmas Baby (MNO Remix)
    8              Berlin Symphony Orchestra, The – The Nutcracker Suite (Baz Kuts Breaks Mix)
    9              Louis Armstrong & Velma Middleton – Baby, It’s Cold Outside (Mulato Beat Mix)
    10           Duke Ellington – Jingle Bells (Robbie Hardkiss Remix)
    11           Bing Crosby – The First Noel (Attaboy House Party Mix)
    12           Mel Tormé – The Christmas Song (Michael Kessler Open Fire Mix)

    And to those of you attending a corporate holiday party this year, we will leave you with this quote:

    “What I don’t like about office Christmas parties is looking for a job the next day.” – Phyllis Diller

    Happy holidays!