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  • PRO Event…VJ!

    We are very excited to announce that we are officially a DJ and a VJ company! It’s an incredibly interactive experience!

    Remember the days of watching MTV and actually seeing your favorite music videos (ahh the good ol’ days)? Imagine those videos reacting to everything your DJ is doing on stage. Whether the DJ is blending tracks, scratching, creating loops, sampling portions of songs, etc….it can all be represented by the videos themselves- Pull back the record and the video plays in reverse… Blend tracks together and the videos for each track blend together in real time.

    You may have seen this type of effect at major nightclubs, and now we are bringing this technology to our clients. Weddings, corporate events, and even public events will never be the same! We will be piloting this for the first time next week. Check back soon to see us in action!

  • This changes everything!

    Every once in a while, a new piece of DJ equipment is released that really changes the way we interact with music. That is happening right now and we couldn’t be more excited! This controller, the Numark NV, comes out in October and we have it on pre-order!!! The controller itself allows DJs to focus more on the music and crowd and less on the computer screen. With onboard HD color screens and buttons/knobs for just about anything, this is going to change everything. Check it out!

  • Old projector, new tricks!

    As the saying goes, you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. Fortunately, that’s not true for old projectors. Last night, we hooked up a projector that’s far from new but still pretty awesome! We hooked it up to a laptop and a neat piece of open source software called, MusicBeam. This is not your ordinary visualization software although if you have been to some of our larger events, you know how much we love visualizations! This software uses shapes and color that by themselves are completely boring (as shown in the laptop images below), but projecting those shapes and colors with a projector and haze is stunning! I’ll even go as far as to say that it rivals some very expensive and high end lights that you’d find at your favorite DJ and lighting retail outlet. The video doesn’t quite do the effect justice as it seems to lose some of the depth that you can see while standing in the room. Even so, it’s still totally awesome and we are excited to use this effect in the near future!