A new website is born!

It is with great enthusiasm that we can finally announce some very exciting news…As the title suggests, we have a new website! It’s bigger, smarter, richer in content, and it allows us to create new content easily. In other words, we can blog!  That means all music and industry related topics are fair game. We’ll talk a bit about music, news, technology, playlists, and do some live blogging from some of our most exciting events! Our website has had several makeovers over the years (decade), but none of them have been as significant as this. In fact, we also have a mobile version of the site that looks completely different on mobile devices, but still delivers the same content in a user-friendly way. Just like our performances, everything we do including web design is client-focused! So, after 11 years, we remain committed to our clients more than ever and without further ado, here it is…Enjoy!


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