PRO Event DJ was established in 2002-2003…but not as PRO Event DJ. Back then we had a different name, one that was intended to provoke a little…We were, and in the background…still are, Provocative Productions, Inc. To many of our long term followers and friends, this will come as no surprise. Our motto was to “Provoke” and stimulate through music and entertainment. While that sat just fine with us, to others it was never so simple. People hear the word provocative and immediately turn it into something it does not have to be. For that reason, we evolved into PRO Event DJ. As with any new identity, we needed a new logo. After two iterations, what you see today is the surviving logo that you can plan on seeing for a long time. So after a decade in business, a name change, and a new identity, we were still the same three guys…friends (and family by now) running the business. We intentionally built this business with the idea that we would keep it small to control quality and build the brand of PRO Event DJ. You cannot do that when you hire 10 DJs who are all different. We had a long term goal of someday expanding the talent…in other words, hiring more DJs. In a town where almost everyone is a DJ, finding someone who is the right fit and carries the same passion that we do is not easy. Actually, when you grow a business over a decade, it’s almost impossible to let someone in…Well, after years and dedication, the time has finally come and we do have a new DJ! That makes 4 and we are ready to take Orlando by storm! Starting Tuesday, December 17th, 2013, the cast members of Disney’s Swan and Dolphin resorts will experience an event to go down in history! All four of us will be there making sure that the light show is spectacular and the dance floor packed! We have been hard at work in the studio preparing for the event…

One of these images is of Justin, co-founder of PRO Event DJ and the other is our 4th! Can you tell who is who?

More images to come next week!



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