Courtesy of HotSpotOrlando:

Base Camp, American Childhood Cancer Organization,Orlando World Center Marriott, Pi Beta Phi Sorority from UCF, photographers, videographers, and many hairdressers, nail professionals and make up artists volunteered on the production of this event that touched everyone’s heart, Little’s & Middle’s Prom.

It is hard to put life on the same perspective after watching this heroes fight their way through life, with such courage. On each kid’s eyes you see the shine of hope, and the certainty that everything will be fine. And we all wish for one simple miracle. Talking to my heart and to God every step of the way, we silently prayed for strength, so the emotions wouldn’t take over.

The event was planned in every detail, make up, hair, nails, dresses, photos and D.J (PRO Event DJ). The Marriott provided the hotel stay, catering, ballroom, decorations and food. The kids had a great night, a Prom like no other.

Base Camp, provided baskets with lots of snacks to all the families. All the kids were so excited. Boys got elegant tuxedos, girls brand new dresses, corsage and a makeover, a limousine came to the hotel so they could experience riding in one, and it was just priceless. A day to remember forever, kids faces that will forever be in our hearts, and the incredible work done that deserves a standing ovation. To Pi Beta Phi our thanks to invite us to participate in this great event, and congratulations for your accomplishment.

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