On Saturday, November 14, 2015, we had a the privilege of performing for something…a little different. No fancy clubs, no lounges (although adult beverages were served), but it did feel as though we were at a mini music festival. Let’s back up for a minute… A few months ago, we met someone in the music industry who set out on a mission to teach kids about dance music culture through a business venture called Mini House Club (way cooler than Mickey Mouse Club).

When we met, we talked about her ideas to teach kids about music, DJ culture, etc. and of course, this piqued our interest.

On Saturday, Mini House Club put together a “kids dance party” complete with a DJ Lab for the kids (compliments of Wilson from the upcoming Vinyl Arts Bar), Glojel (gel-based paint that glows under a blacklight), henna tattoos, spray paint art, kid-yoga, food, drinks, and of course, dance music. We were responsible for playing about 2 hours of dance music that was both kid-friendly (nothing explicit), but also stuck to the theme of electronic dance music.

At the request of Mini House Club, we recorded the set and posted part 1 of the live recording as a Jailbreak Session that can be heard on the XCON blog! You can expect to hear some classic house music peppered with today’s hits – remixed.

The event was located at True Serenity and a few pictures have been posted below:


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