Lights, Camera, Music…Action!

This year, we performed at the annual Disney Swan and Dolphin employee holiday event for the 4th time in a row and we could not have been happier with the turnout. We perform for many different types of events throughout the year, but this one in particular takes quite a bit of planning and coordination to pull off successfully. The show itself is a combination of music and video along with an incredible light show and sound that makes the walls shake! The A/V team at the resort handles all of the lights and sound so they get full credit for the stage in all its glory. We are responsible for the music, the equipment to play the music, some on-stage sound , minimal lighting, and loading video footage to the 4 giant screens. It took 4 of us to complete the setup, which took about 5 hours. This is what 5 hours of setup looks like…

(Left to Right) Three DJ booths and a video mixing booth


From the opposite end of the room, you could see the stage and the 4 video screens.

Ballroom panoramic


We took this opportunity to bring out our 4-color laser to create a “laser sky” effect over the dancefloor and it worked amazingly well.

Insert Dr. Evil voice, "Lae-zer"
Insert Dr. Evil voice, “Lae-zer”


As for the rest of the night, we will let the pictures speak for themselves!


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