When you choose PRO Event DJ, you are choosing some of the most talented entertainers in the industry! We work hard to exceed your expectations in both our lighting effects and our ability to keep the dance floor moving. By reviewing our Photo Reel and our 4 minute promo video, you can see our lighting expertise at its finest and just below, you can hear our DJs ability to mix and remix records.

Why does this matter?

There is nothing more awkward than odd track changes, silent pauses, and poor mixing. When the dance floor is rockin’, we do not simply start the next track when the current track ends (Your iPod can do that!)… Hear this for yourself on Track 1. Imagine your dance floor packed with people dancing to DJ Snake’s “Turn Down For What.” 85 seconds later, they begin to hear the classic 90’s jam, “Jump” by Kriss Kross blend its way in…only this time it’s a remix. Before long, the crowd hears another sample of Daft Punk, only it’s the Kanye West track “Stronger” and it’s being sampled like crazy…all happening…live.

We actually mix and remix music! Here is a small sample of how we mix records with two exclusive mashups; “Good Feeling” mixed with “Levels” (track 5) and Blurred Lines (track 10) mashed up with a DallasK dance remix. These are one-of-a-kind remixes that you will only hear from PRO Event DJ!


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