PRO Music
(Music only, no lights, great for outdoor daytime events and small weddings)
1 DJNo FogNo LightsNo Truss2 SpeakersWireless Mic

PRO Silver
(Our most popular package offering a fair amount of ambiance at a low price)
1 DJFog Included6 LightsT-Bar2 SpeakersWireless Mic

PRO White
(Our entire light show designed to rival some of the best night clubs in town!)
2 DJsFog Included9 Lights10 Foot2 SpeakersWireless Mic

(An immersive experience where traditional DJ'ing meets Music Videos, fused together for an unforgettable performance.)

1 VJFog IncludedProjector IncludedScreen Included2 SpeakersWireless Mic

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